Jun 28, 2013

Free Friday #2

What is Free Friday?
As we know, Friday is identically with freedom. After working for five day, you will have two days to leave that working thing on your desk and do everything you want.

And what that thing connect with this meme?
It's a time for me or everyone to posting a free think about anything that connected to book, actually. 

So this second Free Friday I want to write about my happiness this weekend. It's about my happiness become a BBI members.

When Dion post a news a about free book that will be given to us, if we want to write a review about it we can choose on of the book in the list. And it became ours. Since I have a curiosity about Merry Rianna, I mean I know her, but I never read anything about her, so I choosed Follow @MerryRianna.

And lucky me, I won this book. Yesterday this book arrived safely  in my home. So, I have about 2 or 3 weeks left to read and write about this book. :)

And not Just that. I also win a giveaway that made by mbak Citra. She will design my blog template free!!!!

Wohooooo!! What a happy week, isn't it??

So what is your Free Friday story???

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