Nov 22, 2014

[2014] Dear, My Secret Santa

Hello November... :)

It will be Christmas next month...
Auuuwww I can't wait till next month... 

Momm, Daddd... Wait me at home.. :*

Ha.. ha.. ha.. sorry for my not so great greeting, but this posting is just for you... Yes! You my Santa.. :)

Last year, I got a very simple riddle or I can tell you a easy riddle. I hope you not give me a hard one, please. 
this is my real wish.. :)
Dear Santa,
My wish for this year is him, someone that already catch my attention since last year. Mr. F :)

Ups.. that wish is for the real Santa, but for my secret Santa, you can chose from my wish list here (please click the picture)

Well, I hope I can have two book from you, but it's all depend on your kindness. And I really appreciate if you can give me other book beside my wishlist. I mean, if you have a recommended book for me. I will accept it. :)

Dear Secret Santa,
Sorry for my bad request, but I hope all the best for you in this Christmas.

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